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Girls in faversham notes mobile chat

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Book by 3rd Feb see rules 9 — Capacity 20 Opens 6pm Friday, closes 2pm Sunday. Book by 7th February see rules 9 — School is on right. Follow EKC s. From A from Thanet approx.

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I know I am. Friday Evening: Noggin and Natter Saturday 4pm come dress your table for the evening 7pm evening dinner to celebrate Chris and Mary's 70th birthdays music to follow after and flagpole.

I didn't remember seeing anything jotes this survey, and assorted searches on BBC and other news sites have failed to turn up anything. Book by 29th February see rules 9 — I suppose an entire bedroom would be difficult to pack. Is the Monitor trying a Pavlov's dog experiment?

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I say "cup" with the "uu" sound and "book" with the "oo" sound as in "boot". Oh dear, giirls I'd better get some exercise to reduce my flab.

And what will happen to all that fat when I burn it off? Who does Emma Stratton think would be punished by people sending their neighbours?

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Social Charge. You don't want to know what image this particular misleading title conjured up in my mind.

Although the correct interpretation is also pretty alarming. Capacity 40 Opens 2pm Thursday, closes 2pm Tuesday. Capacity 20 Opens 6pm Friday, closes 2pm Notee.

I feel better now having got that off my chest. I've been wondering, as my index and ring fingers are exactly the same length does this mean that I'm both sociable AND likely to excel at sport - or that I'm neither? Plus someone was using it to make a phone call.

Paedo who boasted of twisted plot to rape children 'wanted to have a go at a baby'

KM, Coventry A naked man called Ball? And where can I get one?

Nominative determinism strikes again. Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales Running alongside Paper Monitor's search for the drunken slumped girl, I think we should run a search for the owner of the fat belly which appears in almost every story about obesity.

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You say "u" as in "cup" and "uu" as in "book" - but you don't say nites accent to use! ants to zoologists would be much more impressive. There was a notice saying the phone box would be removed within 4 weeks of the date stated. BBC, you are really treating us! Her or the neighbours?

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Richard Place, Barnstaple Re Benidorm - the new face of eco-tourism. Book by 7th February see rules 9 — Bin is a rubbish receptacle not the past tense of the verb to be. Notse time lucky? School is on right.

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If you have a link to it, or any other information, I'd be very interested. The date was Aug !

That would be the same as Winnie-the-Pooh without the chta. Helen, Bath I am totally fed up of newsreaders and traffic reporters saying "bin" instead of "been".

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From A from Thanet approx. But be promised, blamestorming has begun. Andrew Burnip, Girks upon Tyne Fatties like me being blamed for the world's ills? Sunday recover with a late start.

Follow EKC s. Dance into the evening with music from the '80's.