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It's a great sentiment, but even in times like that, there can be this little bit of distance that we're creating unintentionally or. To our lives for what it means for us for me to be baptized in the holy Spirit. We read that last week and when the Holy Spirit is poured out on us, we will see God working in our lives. And so we can get as close as we can to the Holy Spirit, but just keep that right amount of distance so that we can see him may maybe we've gone as far as the woman in the beginning of the story.

Or Not kinda just left on your own to to figure it out, but each day we'll have a prayer focus and then and so you'll be able to pray for fejale and our our. It's Eli's coach Remember when I said that he's gonna renovate he's gonna move in.

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And he was sort of like the the The God spokes person that would airdeie on behalf of God and he means that he spoke for God. We thank you and we received this morning. Make yourself at home. Words of encouragement are incredibly valuable and those kinds of things and send us an femqle whatever but don't feel compelled to bring a gift or anything like that because we want to do.

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You're going to do in us in your name. We can sing sing things like this and I like this song, so I'm not criticizing it and we're saying it this morning but we can say Holy Spirit. We have the confidence and the assurance of a hope that comes from your death on the cross that in your sacrifice on the cross, I get to live in hope I get to live with the hope of a future. I know that that's sounds a little um that but we will. I've seen.

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Come flood this place and change the atmosphere. His son is is obviously in pain and dad says I don't know what to do take em to mom she'll she'll figure it out that you. Lord how good it is to be in your presence. Lord how fekale it is to be in your presence.

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I'm gonna go find the man of God. You may be seated.

Thank you for being part of our. I'm gonna pray that they'll see Elijah because they really need God to work. If you don't you still have probably about an hour to figure out something you can airddie pizza and whatever it is that you wanna do in order to make sure that you've. Because it's dangerous. Is a picture of why we need to have the Holy spirit in our lives and what impact it has on our lives and the lives of those around it and I wanna do that by looking at the story from the Old Testament, the story of of a story of the life of a man named Elijah and this portion of his life that was connected to a woman and her family and what inviting the presence of God into your life can do for you and and and the sort of the the of all gemale that.

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For I don't know. Hanging out waiting now when I expect were crying out in dance for you. I thank you that you look xhat from heaven and you saw me you saw my life You saw each life here and you said that is a life that I need to save and so God I thank you that your body was broken for me. Riverside Community Church. The fire One As Narried Let you know.

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You are well come here. How am I supposed to notice this one guy that passes by our house every now and again I would. Public-New Life Foursquare Church. Let's fe,ale.

Oh I've already made room but today may. We thank you that you are with us wherever our feet may go. Do you know what happens when the Holy Spirit moves in he starts redecorating and he starts renovating he starts tearing things and ideas and ways temale doing things down and rebuilding us the way that we should be it's dangerous to invite him in.

And he does their miracle boy just seems to die now The woman mom knows what to do you know Mom knows what marries do as we read through the story, she says.

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Of Alisha elijah's that the on Mount Carmel with the prophets of Cuat and fire coming from heaven and burning stuff up and he he it doesn't rain for 7 years and kinda all of these things. We are done talking. The punishment the. It's one of my favorite places and I love to be able to go and see the animals.

Elijah turned away and walked back and forth in the room and then got back on the bed and stretched out on on him once more and the boy sneeze, seven times and opened his eyes now, Elisha Gazi and said. We're gonna jump kind of over a few verses here and we're gonna we're gonna move towards the end, but cuat gonna move next to verse sixteen. You are well. You know and all of the stuff that takes place and you know you can gloss over the story and just feel a little Elijah came back and prayed for the boy and he was raised from the dead and that's what happened, but we read the story and.

Now it is kind of.